Peter Pan – Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon

Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon The children often spent long summer days on this lagoon, swimming or floating most of the time, playing the mermaid games in the water, and so forth. But don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not saying that the mermaids were on friendly terms with them. On the contrary, talkingContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 8 – The Mermaid’s Lagoon”

Peter Pan – Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground

Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground The next day, one of the first things Peter did was measure Wendy, John, and Michael. Hook, you remember, had laughed at the boys for making seven different tree doors, but this was Hook’s ignorance. Because actually, unless the tree fits you exactly, it was difficult toContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 7 – The Home Under the Ground”

Peter Pan – Chapter 6 – The Little House

Chapter 6 – The Little House Tootles was standing like a conqueror over Wendy’s body when the other boys sprang from their trees, armed with weapons. “You are too late,” he cried proudly, “I have shot the Wendy. Peter will be so happy with me.” Overhead, Tinker Bell shouted, “Stupid boy!” and darted away intoContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 6 – The Little House”

Peter Pan – Chapter 5 – The Island Come True

Chapter 5 – The Island Come True Feeling that Peter had returned, Neverland awakened into life again. In his absence, things are usually quiet on the island. The fairies take an extra hour in the morning to get up. The beasts quiet down and take care of their children. The natives eat for six daysContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 5 – The Island Come True”

Peter Pan – Chapter 4 – The Flight

Chapter 4 – The Flight “Second to the right, and straight until morning.” That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland. But even if you carried a map, and even if you asked the birds for help, you couldn’t understand Peter’s directions. Peter, you see, just said anything that came into hisContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 4 – The Flight”

Peter Pan – Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away!

Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away! For a moment after Mr. and Mrs. Darling left the house, the children’s three lamps continued to burn, but soon after the children fell asleep, the lamps went out. There was another light in the room now. It was much brighter than the lamps. And in the blinkContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 3 – Come Away! Come Away!”

Peter Pan – Chapter 2 – The Shadow

Chapter 2 – The Shadow Mrs. Darling screamed and Nana came running into the room. Nana growled and jumped at the boy, who leaped out the window. Again, Mrs. Darling screamed, this time in distress for the boy. Thinking he was killed, she ran downstairs and out to the street to look for his littleContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 2 – The Shadow”

Peter Pan – Chapter 1

Peter Pan by M. J. Barrie (1904) – This story has been rewritten for English learners. Genre Children’s Fantasy Word Count 40,000 Level 3 (Intermediate) Chapter 1 – Peter Breaks Through All children, except one, grow up. Children know that one day they will grow up. Wendy knew, too. How did she know? When WendyContinue reading “Peter Pan – Chapter 1”