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Popular Stories

The Wizard of Oz (Fantasy – Level 4)

A young girl arrives a strange fantasy world. She makes friends with a lion, scarecrow and tin man. But how will she get home?

The Hand (Sci-Fi/Horror – Level 2)

Alice loves her dog, but the dog is always in trouble. One day, the dog brings something home… a human hand!?

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These stories are about magic, vampires, fairy queens and more!

Please wait for romance stories. They are coming soon!

Read about detectives solving mysteries, hidden items, clever liars and more!

Everyone loves Classics! These old stories have been read and loved for over 80 years.

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Simple stories for beginners. These stories have easy grammar and vocabulary. Most stories have pictures.

Easy stories for upper beginners. These stories have basic grammar and vocabulary. Some stories have pictures.

Stories for intermediate readers. These stories have mid-level grammar and vocabulary.

Stories for upper intermediate and advanced readers. These stories have more challenging grammar and vocabulary.

Recent Stories

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