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The Wizard of Oz (Fantasy – Level 4)

A young girl arrives a strange fantasy world. She makes friends with a lion, scarecrow and tin man. But how will she get home?

The Hand (Sci-Fi/Horror – Level 2)

Alice loves her dog, but the dog is always in trouble. One day, the dog brings something home… a human hand!?

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Stories for upper intermediate and advanced readers. These stories have more challenging grammar and vocabulary.

Recent Stories

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 11 – Anne’s Impression of Sunday School

“Well, how do you like them?” asked Marilla. Anne was standing in the gable room, looking down at three new dresses spread out on the bed. One dress was a brown, checkered dress that looked like something a maid or a restaurant server would wear. Another was a black and white checkered dress that wasContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 11 – Anne’s Impression of Sunday School”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 10 – Anne’s Apology

Marilla didn’t tell Matthew about the incident that evening. However, when Anne was still stubbornly closed up in her room the next morning, Marilla had to explain the child’s absence from the breakfast table. Marilla told Matthew the whole story, making sure to emphasize the seriousness of the situation. “It’s a good thing Rachel LyndeContinue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 10 – Anne’s Apology”

Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 9 – Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified

Anne had been at Green Gables for two weeks before Mrs. Rachel Lynde arrived to meet and inspect her. It wasn’t Mrs. Rachel’s fault that she was so late. She had gotten a severe case of the flu and she had been confined to her house ever since her last visit to Green Gables. Mrs.Continue reading “Anne of Green Gables – Chapter 9 – Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified”

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